TREPAC is fired up about these Hot Pepper Hot Pepper Hot Pepper Hot Races  Hot Pepper Hot Pepper Hot Pepper  for the 2022 General Election

Chili peppers on the Hot List are a measure of race’s anticipated competitiveness. It does not denote hierarchy of candidate support; for a list of TREPAC-supported candidates, please see All Candidates tab.

(i) denotes an incumbent candidate
* denotes an open seat
Bold denotes TREPAC-supported

Last updated: Oct. 13, 2022

Heat Election Candidates
Texas Attorney GeneralGeneral Ken Paxton (i) vs. Rochelle Garza vs. Mark Ash
Texas Senate District 27*Adam Hinojosa vs. Morgan LaMantia
Texas House District 37*Janie Lopez vs. Luis Villarreal, Jr.
Texas House District 70*Jamee Jolly vs. Mihaela Plesa
Texas House District 74Rep. Eddie Morales (i) vs. Katherine Parker
Texas House District 112Rep. Angie Chen Button (i) vs. Elva Curl
Texas House District 118Rep. John Lujan (i) vs. Frank Ramirez
Heat Election Candidates
Texas GovernorGov. Greg Abbott (i) vs. Beto O'Rourke vs. Mark Tippetts vs. Delilah Barrios
Texas Lt. GovernorLt. Gov. Dan Patrick (i) vs. Mike Collier vs. Shanna Steele
Texas Land Commissioner*Dawn Buckingham vs. Jay Kleberg vs. Alfred Molison vs. Carrie Menger
Texas Agriculture CommissionerCommissioner Sid Miller (i) vs. Susan Hays
Texas Railroad CommissionerCommissioner Wayne Christian (i) vs. Luke Warford vs. Jaime Dietz vs. Hunter Crow
Texas House District 34Rep. Abel Herrero (i) vs. Carolyn Vaughn
Texas House District 52*Luis Echegaray vs. Caroline Harris
Texas House District 61*Frederick Frazier vs. Sheena King
Texas House District 108Rep. Morgan Meyer (i) vs. Elizabeth Ginsburg
Texas House District 121Rep. Steve Allison (i) vs. Becca DeFelice
Texas House District 133*Mano DeAyala vs. James Harrena vs. Mohamad Maarouf
Texas House District 138Rep. Lacey Hull (i) vs. Stephanie Morales
Heat Election Candidates
Texas ComptrollerComp. Glenn Hegar (i) vs. Janet Dudding vs. Alonzo Echavarria-Garza
Texas Supreme Court, Place 3Justice Debra Lehrmann (i) vs. Erin Nowell vs. Tom Oxford
Texas Supreme Court, Place 5Justice Rebeca Huddle (i) vs. Amanda Reichek
Texas Supreme Court, Place 9Justice Evan Young (i) vs. Julia Maldonado
Texas Senate District 8Sen. Angela Paxton (i) vs. Jonathan Cocks
Texas House District 45Erin Zwiener (i) vs. Michelle Lopez
Texas House District 54Rep. Brad Buckley (i) vs. Jonathan Hildner
Texas House District 63*Ben Bumgarner vs. Denise Wooten
Texas House District 65*Kronda Thimesch vs. Brittney Verdell
Texas House District 66Rep. Matt Shaheen (i) vs. Jess Ringness
Texas House District 67Rep. Jeff Leach (i) vs. Kevin Morris
Texas House District 115Julie Johnson (i) vs. Melissa Dennis

This list was created by analyzing campaign finance reports, evaluating new district lines, and surveying Texas political professionals, campaign consultants, and reporters. If you have questions, believe we missed a race, or think a race is misclassified, send your comments to